Learning in a German/English classroom environment equips graduates for business employment in both languages.


  • A staff of over ten Native English-speaking Teachers (NESTs).
  • Bilingual, team-teaching oriented instruction (half English, half German) in almost all teaching subjects.
  • Exciting possibilities to practice English, such as the school newspaper, web design, school promotion, theatricals, and work placement abroad.

Bilingual courses of study at ibc-:

Bilingual Business Academy

HAK course of study with bilingual instruction in almost all lessons.

Consider a Backstage-Pass visit for a direct experience with bilingual teaching.

Be sure to attend our Open House ("Tag der offenen Tür") the first Friday after Autumn holidays.

Bilingual College

Offers students who already hold a Matura, or its equivalent, a two-year bilingual (German & English) business diploma (HAK Diplomprüfung).

Visit the Bilingual Business College page for qualifications and the course plan. Professor Anne E. Leaf is also happy to answer additional questions.

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