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Work Placement Shrewsbury, England 2016

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Workplacement is a special three week language trip ("Sprachreise") for the third year classes at IBC. 
It takes place in June in an English speaking country, although Brexit means all future Workplacement projects will probably take place in Ireland.

Students spend each workday in a real company, interacting with supervisors, fellow workers, as well as customers. The students receive intense training in business and professional English. After three weeks the students' English proficiency will be noticably improved and will help them to qualify for English speaking employment anywhere in the world.

During Workplacement the students are guests in a private home with a native English speaking family. In addition to the daily use of English with their hosts, the students also form special relationships that can last a lifetime.

Naturally, Workplacement means not only work, but also play. Excursions to exciting destinations take place during the weekends. Past excursions have included London, Bath, Manchester, Liverpool and the Seven Sisters.

Click on the links below to see pictures of Workplacement activities for recent years.
If you have further questions regarding Workplacement feel free to contact Mr. James This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (German or English).

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