An ibc-: education offers


Contacts with partner schools, student exchange, numerous foreign languages, and the value of bilingual teaching in HAK lessons facilitate an international education.


Realistic instruction, hands-on projects, as well as virtual offices form a solid foundation for office-oriented employment.

Modern Technology

Computing and data processing in numerous computer labs, virtual offices, and self-teaching centers.

ibc-: is

environmentally aware and health oriented

Membership in the "Wiener Netzwerkes Gesundheitsfördernder Schulen" as well as an officially recognized environmentally-friendly school demonstrates ibc's commitment to health and environment concerns.

team oriented

Our school climate is supported via

  • dynamic feedback programs,
  • transparent decision making,
  • active social engagement at all levels.


Social, environmental, and business instruction are prepared according to the philiosophy of the new St. Galler Management model.