The SGA ("Schulgemeinschaftsausschuss") consists of three student representatives, three teacher representatives and three parent representatives and, together with the school director, meets three to four times a year. Decisions are made according to majority vote and concern the following issues:

  • Multi-day school activities
  • School related events
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • School rules
  • Conferences
  • Educational counseling
  • Health-care
  • General school life

A two-thirds majority is required for decisions regarding

  • School-autonomous teaching plans and standards
  • School autonomous starting and pay distribution
  • School autonomous teaching schedule

The SGA also has an advisory role in the folloiwng

  • Instruction questions
  • Fostering questions
  • School events
  • Choices of teaching materials
  • Allotment of resources
  • Consctruction projects

Aktuelle SGA Mitglieder (Tag und Abend)

SchülerInnenvertreter Tag

  • Mert BICER / 4ABIK
  • Sonja ZEILER / 4ABIK
  • David RUBIK / 4BBIK


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SchülerInnenvertreter Abend

  • Alexander GARTLER / 5BKB
  • Barbara TROBEJ / 3AKC
  • Louisa OKOASE / 4ASKB

LehrerInnenvertreter Tag

LehrerInnenvertreter Abend